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Increase the grant to stay abroad

The amount of the grant is increased by 50% during periods spent abroad. The increase is proportional to the number of days spent abroad. Each period cannot last less than 15 days continuously, and the increase can be obtained for 18 months almost.
To obtain the increase of the grant the PhD student must:

  • obtain the authorization for the stay abroad and send it before leaving to the Direzione "Servizi per la didattica e l'internazionalizzazione";
  • submit, at the end of the stay, the MAG form duly filled in and a declaration in original issued by the Responsible of the hosting institution indicating the period of stay abroad of the PhD student.

In case of longer stays, interim payments in correspondence of periods already passed are possible (normally not less than 30 days) using for each period the intermediate MAG form and the intermediate certificate from the hosting institution. The Increase is paid on the 30th of each month (together with the payment of the monthly instalment of the grant) if the documentation is received before the 15th of the same month; otherwise it is postponed to the following month. In December, the deadline for submitting documentation is usually earlier than the 15th of the month, to allow the closure operations of the financial year.

In the case the scholarship is funded by an external organization, it is a necessary condition for such payments that the Funder has paid beforehand to the University the amounts due for the stay abroad.

The documentation related to the request for increase of the grant can be sent to:

  • directly to the office Direzione "Servizi per la didattica e l'internazionalizzazione" Unità "Dottorati di Ricerca"- Largo Bruno Pontecorvo 3 (Edificio E) - Pisa, during the opening hours;
  • by fax number 0502210637, enclosing a copy of a valid identification document;
  • by surface mail enclosing a copy of a valid identitification document to address Direzione "Servizi per la didattica e l'internazionalizzazione" Unità "Borse di dottorato, contratti specializzandi e attività contabili" - Largo Bruno Pontecorvo 3 (Edificio E) - 56127 Pisa;
  • opening a "ticket" through the virtual desk "Sportello virtuale" and attaching a single PDF file.

Note: For the reimbursement of the mission expenses please refer to the University Regulation for off-site missions (available at web address ) and contact, for the authorization and the request, the Department in charge of the administration of the PhD course.


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