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How to enrol

Admission requirements

The candidate must be in possession of a Master's degree, or an equivalent academic qualification obtained abroad.This diploma will be examined and verified by the examining boards or the PhD Council. The University accepts candidates who obtain their degree by October, 31. The PhD student "Supernumerary" will have obtained a Master's (or equivalent) degree by the enrollment date.
Candidates who possess a foreign academic degree equivalent in level, nature, contents and academic rights (access to further courses) to the Italian academic qualification required for admission to a PhD program may provide the consular documents of the academic degree (translation, legalization and declaration of value) with the sole aim to facilitate the evaluation of eligibility of the academic degree for admission to the PhD program.
The application for admission is in any case subject to the evaluation, by the examining board or the PhD Council, of the eligibility of the foreign academic degree for enrolment in the PhD program. To ensure the possibility of evaluating the equivalence of the foreign academic degree, candidates are strongly recommended to attach to the application for admission, in addition to the aforementioned consular documents (translation, legalization, declaration of value), also other documents useful for the evaluation of the foreign degree (for example: diploma supplement, transcript of records, certificates of ENIC-NARIC centers, etc.). In fact, the lack of such documents may prejudice the evaluation of the foreign degree for admission to the PhD program, whenever the examining board (or the PhD Council) is not able to declare the aforementioned necessary equivalence.


How to enrol in the PhD programme

There are two different ways to access the doctoral programme:

  1. Through a regular call for all candidates. The announcement of the calls is published in June.
  2. By supernumerary status (status 'soprannumerario')


1. How to enrol via via a regular call

In order to participate in the application process via a regular call, candidates must register online and pay for the examination fees. She/he must also upload their curriculum, a research project (if required by the PhD Programme) and, only for successful candidates possessing an academic qualification obtained abroad, the foreign academic degree with any documentation useful to ensure the evaluating the academic degree.

2. How to enrol via Supernumerary status (status "Soprannumerario")

Candidate may also be admitted, at any time, to a doctoral programme under the supernumerary category if:

  • She/he hold a scholarship or a similar form of funding which is part of projects promoted by the European Union and/or other European and international organizations. In this case, the PhD Committee must give its consent. This entails verifying the relevance of the research topic according to the scientific-disciplinary themes of the programme and assessing the suitability of the candidate for admission;


  • She/he is non-EU citizen who does not reside in Italy and is interested in enrolling in a doctoral programme at the University of Pisa. The PhD Committee must give its consent after verifying the candidate's appropriate level of scientific training, academic experience and professional background, as well as his/her level of interest in the programme's discipline. Such verification may be done by reviewing the curriculum and/or through a videoconference interview. Candidate admitted to the PhD programme under this category must demonstrate, at the start of the PhD programme, that she/he will receive economic support from their country of origin.

Please remember that the foreign academic qualification, with any necessary documentation useful to ensure the evaluating the foreign qualification, must be transmitted in the application process.