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Earth Sciences


Maria Cristina Salvatore


Administrative Office

Department of Scienze della terra


Overview and objectives of the PhD course

The Regional PhD in Earth Sciences aims to give young graduates the opportunity to follow an advanced training with a qualification of excellence and international relevance. The networking of the best expertise of the three universities in the region will enhance the synergy of the excellence in the different fields of Earth Sciences in Tuscany, through the link between educational courses for advanced training and cutting-edge research, even amplifying the potential offered by the vast network of international relations of the three universities involved in the PhD programme (Pisa, Florence and Siena). This initiative has the advantage of offering young graduates the opportunity to acquire more skills and gain an educational background that constitute additional values for applying to professional geological practice and/or to advanced research career. At present, the Earth Sciences Departments of the Universities involved in the project are particularly working on issues of significant interest for the region and for our Country, such as the global geodynamic processes, the evolution of the environment (including through the study of paleoenvironments), renewable energy resources (and in particular Geothermal Energy), innovative materials, management and protection of cultural heritage, and certainly not least, the current dramatically themes of prevention and mitigation of geological, geomorphological, hydrogeological and vulcanological hazards.


Regolamento interno del corso di dottorato (only in Italian)