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Energy, Systems, Territory and Construction Engineering



Renato Iannelli


Administrative Office

Department of Ingegneria dell'energia, dei sistemi, del territorio e delle costruzioni


Overview and objectives of the PhD course

The training course is aimed at providing students with adequate scientific preparation to develop highly qualified research activities in the field of Energy, Systems, Territory and Construction Engineering. The research path includes an organic program of training actions to define qualified figures capable of addressing the complexities of an Engineering for sustainable development in innovative and internationally important areas involving systems for which a multidisciplinary approach is necessary. The topics of the doctorate also include the fields of "Big Data" and "Industry 4.0" as evidenced by the fields of cultural interest of the teachers of the College and the doctoral themes of many students who currently attend the course. The multiplicity of scientific skills and research activities and the multidisciplinary nature of the Department results from the list of themes in which it is divided, grouped into the following cultural macrosectors: Energy, Electrical Engineering, Engineering of EconomicManagement Systems, Civil Engineering and Architecture. This multiplicity, combined with the variety of laboratories, ensures a stimulating environment for the study and development of research by students. The departmental structure also guarantees the sustainability for the stay abroad or in other qualified locations in Italy of the students.


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