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Clinical Physiopathology


Fulvio Basolo


Administrative Office

Department of Patologia chirurgica, medica, molecolare e dell'area critica


Overview and objectives of the PhD course

The PhD Course in Clinical Physiopathology aims to train in scientific research through the conception, design, implementation, analysis and writing of an autonomous research project agreed with a supervisor Professor referred to the Doctorate board and not. In this context, PhD students will acquire the knowledge of the program undertaken through participation in laboratory activities, clinics, seminars and frontal teaching activities held by professors of the doctoral course or by external experts. PhD students will be also instructed to carry out bibliographical research on topics related to their research or on more general cultural interest, so to be the subject of seminar reports. The in-depth analysis of Statistics, Epidemiology and Academic English is foreseen for the drafting of research protocols and for the correct evaluation of the results obtained, through formalized courses in these areas. In this context, the educational activities of the various training courses of the Doctorate are integrated in an integral way.



  • Anatomo Pathological and Oncological
  • Bio-Psychological and Statistical
  • Cardiopolmonary
  • Surgical, integrated surgical and anesthesiological


Regolamento interno del corso di dottorato (only in Italian)