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Computer Science


Paolo Ferragina


Administrative Office

Department of Informatica


Overview and objectives of the PhD courseo

The PhD in Computer Science aims to train researchers and innovators in Information Science and Technology. For this purpose, PhD students are involved since the beginning in the research activities carried out in the proponent Departments, they are invited to attend monographic courses and international PhD schools, as well as to spend study and research periods in academic and industrial laboratories and research centers in Italy and abroad. Specific attention will be devoted in the PhD courses and research activities onto the main multidisciplinary areas in which ICT is involved and contributes, and for which the PhD in Computer Science already has successfully trained researchers and established strong relationships for research projects, internships and job placements with prestigious ICT companies worldwide in the area of BioInformatics and Smart Health, Big Data and Web, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Cyber-Security, Smart Communities and Industria 4.0, ecc . At the end of the PhD, students will be able to contribute to the definition of new models and theories for computation and information processing; ; new systems, algorithms and platforms for the organization, storage (compressed) and processing-mining-searching of (Big) data; new languages and tools to support emerging programming paradigms, such as the ones in the area of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Big Data, ICT infrastructures (e.g. Datacenter, Internet of Things, Cloud and Fog computing, ecc.), Cyber Security, etc.. Additionally, they will be able to exploit the opportunities offered by the ICT in techno-social networks; promote and master the interdisciplinary dialogue; analyze complex systems at scientific, biological and social level; understand and guide the impact of ICT innovations in these areas. Eventually our PhD students will have the opportunity to attend the PhD+ course on “Research Valorization, Innovation and Entrepreneurial mindset”, launched by UniPI since 2011, teaching and training students on those soft skills with seminars on business modeling and planning, IP protection and valorization, communication tools and techniques, fund raising from public and private bodies, start-up creation, and so on.

Doctorate course in Computer Science - Internal regulations

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