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Linguistic Studies and Foreign Literatures


Marina Foschi


Administrative Office

Department of Filologia, Letteratura e Linguistica


DOverview and objectives of the PhD course

The PhD program in Linguistic Studies and Foreign Literatures (DiLLeS) is one of three doctoral courses offered by the Department of Philology, Literature and Linguistics, University of Pisa, (DiLLeS; Italian Studies; Classical Studies and Archeology), each with the goal to promote, organize and manage activities related to high-quality research projects within the area of the human sciences. The DiLLeS-faculty is a selected group of researchers in different fields of the two curricula which constitute the program: Foreign and Comparative Literatures (including French, English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Slavic Literatures) and Linguistic Studies (including the fields of Applied, Computational, Educational, General, Historical Linguistics, and Baltic, French, English, German, Portuguese, Spanish Linguistics). As a result of the collaboration of fourteen accomplished scholars, as faculty members of international universities, DiLLeS was recognized in 2017 by the Italian Minister of High Education as an international innovative doctorate. The faculty guarantees specialized training for doctoral students in the afore mentioned research areas, within the framework of a teaching program regularly articulated in curricular seminars, lectures, cycles of conferences, workshops, and conferences on dedicated topics. In the month of February of each year, the PhD program sponsors the "PhD Days", a series of conferences that give the opportunity for debate and exchange between doctoral teachers and students on general themes and theoretical-methodological approaches of trans-curricular interest. Further, DiLLeS participates in the organization of a joint seminar of the three PhD programs, as an opportunity for transdisciplinary debate within the broad areas of research interests of the entire department, and with the general training initiatives at doctoral level organized by the University of Pisa.



  • Modern Foreign Literatures (French, English, German, Portuguese, Slavic, Spanish Literatures)
  • Linguistics (General, Historical, Applied, Computational, Educational, Italian, Baltic, English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish Linguistics)


Regolamento interno del corso di dottorato (only in Italian)

Prove di ammissione a.a. 2020-21 - Deroga Emergenza Covid (only in Italian)