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Veterinary Sciences


Alessandro Poli


Administrative Office

Department of Scienze veterinarie


Overview and objectives of the PhD course

The course in Veterinary Sciences aims to increase and improve the research ability in specific fields of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Production with a multidisciplinary. The program is also recommended for already graduated professionals with adequate training in the chemical and biological sciences. The aim of the researches will be to update and improve veterinary practice, animal production and animal welfare. The course will be focused in growing specialized and professional people in research fields. The PhD Student formation will be focus in development of their own new research projects in the field of veterinary science and animal production, as well as in integration in already existing work projects in public / private organization. The PhD Student will also develop a good attitude in work team and multidisciplinary studies. Moreover, abroad periods will be strongly encouraged for all PhD Student in order to improve their formation and knowledge of new languages and research and practical skills in scientific fields. The PhD course in Veterinary Sciences has joined the PHD plus program of the University of Pisa that aims to promote and encourage entrepreneurship and innovation among PhD and PhD students. The PhD Students will participate in a series of interactive and engaging seminars on business projects held by international experts on innovation and technology transfer.


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