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Agriculture, Food and Environment


Andrea Cavallini


Administrative Office

Department of Scienze agrarie alimentari e agro-ambientali


Overview and objectives of the PhD course

Agriculture in the next decades will have to reduce consistently its environmental impact, improve food quality (first of all its nutritional quality), guarantee a decent income to agricultural producers, contribute to keep rural areas alive, and provide ecosystem services to society. A wide range of emerging new technologies - based on life science, information technologies, renewable energies -are being proposed to contribute to these goals.
The course focuses on "Food Sustainability", and can be ascribed to the EC "Food 2030" strategy. It is an interdisciplinary program (LS9, LS2, SH1, SH3) combining agricultural sciences with a selected range of biological disciplines to train researchers (also through Agreements with external bodies such as FAO, CNR, companies) in the agricultural, agri-food and agri-environmental sciences, with an up-to-date, excellent disciplinary ground on the biological and social basis of food sustainability, on the sustainability of production systems and on food quality and safety, with in-depth knowledge of systemic implications of each specific sector of activity.
The main research topics are: multifunctional agriculture and food security; plant, animal and microbial biotechnology; ecology, physiology, genomics, proteomics and metabolomics; sustainable food technologies; plant and animal production systems, even in urban environments; technologies for the protection of plants and soil and the environmental remediation.


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