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10 PhD grants allocation based on ISEE value

PhD students enrolled without a scholarship and with the highest merit-based score in each admission ranking for PhD Programmes can apply for one of the 10 PhD grants allocated by the Rector's decree no. 2020 of 26 June 2020.

These grants shall be allocated to eligible PhD students according to the most disadvantaged family-economic status, based on the ISEE certificate (pursuant to the Presidential Decree of the Council of Ministers - DPCM no. 159/2013) issued to the applicant and valid at the date of the decree publication.

For each ranking list, in the event of prior PhD grant waiver, PhD students cannot apply for this grant allocation.

At the end of ranking scrolls, on 22 December 2020, the list of entitled applicants will be published at "Admissions".

ATTENTION: The assigment of the grant is subject to the non-existence of the incompatibilities provided for by the current legislation, including the one indicated in paragraph 8 of article 12 of the university regulation on the PhD Programmes which reads as follows: "The grant are incompatible with other scholarships awarded for any reason, except those explicitly granted to supplement them by Italian or foreign institutions for periods of training and research at a location other than the University of Pisa." Furthermore, grants cannot be combined with apprenticeship contracts and specialist training contracts". Since this is an assignment that runs from the beginning of the PhD program, the non-existence of incompatibilities must remain from that date (1 November 2020) until the time of assignment.

After 22 December 2020 and by 30 December 2020, eligible PhD students shall email the aforementioned ISEE certificate to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a self-certification with which the PhD student declares that since 1 November 2020 he has not been assigned a scholarship for any reason. Failed submission of the relevant certificate within the aforementioned deadline will be considered as lack of interest in the PhD grants allocation.

The ranking list of entitled candidates, based on the increasing order of the ISEE value, will be published by 20 January 2021 at: "Admission".

Please Note: the date of publication of the entitled students’ ranking in Article 3 of Rector's Decree no. 101075/2020 of 27 October 2020 is incorrect (20 January 2020 instead of 20 January 2021)


10 PhD grants allocation based on ISEE value (Rector’s Decree published on the University Official Journal on 27 October 2020)

10 PhD grants allocation based on ISEE value - Ranking List

Entitled PhD students