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Science of Drug and Bioactive Substances


Adriano Martinelli


Administrative Office

Department of Farmacia


Overview and objectives of the PhD course

The training program is mainly characterized by the development of a project focused on the field of pharmaceuticals and health products. The topics are:
- the discovery of bioactive molecules by means of rational design, synthesis or extraction of active compounds from natural sources; the study of biochemical, physiological and pharmacological mechanisms of their action; the formulation of drugs.
- the techniques for the evaluation of the impact that these substances have on humans and on the environment.
The PhD students are strongly encouraged to carry out parts of their project in internationally renowned research groups.
The research lines developed at the Department of Pharmacy, which is the reference seat of this graduate school, are characterized by highly interdisciplinary contents. This fact efficiently supports the instauration of profitable collaborations between our academic staff and national or international research groups.
In order to guarantee a complete interdisciplinary formation of the PhD students, the training activities of this graduate school also comprises:
- Cycles either of lessons, generally monographic, that are held by the academic staff of this graduate school, or by external lecturers.
- Seminars are delivered by professors who are experts in their fields.
- Participation in national and international schools that are specifically dedicated to PhD students.



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